Video & Audio Editing and Voice Over for Marketers and Business Owners

Video Edting

Video editing is more than putting together a series of clips. A commonly over loooked area of video editing is colour correction. Here's what JAnimation Studio can do for you:

  • Adjusting colours of your video for a more natural look.

  • Matching video clips from taken from different cameras.

Colour Grading

Looking for a specific mood and feel to tell your story? You can achieve it with colour grading, and JAnimation Studio can help.


Colour grading creates a unique look and feel in your video to help you tell your story. Whether it is reliving a memory, an event happening in the early hours, or a reminder of the retro age. Colour grading is where that magic happens. 

Audio and Music

Music and audio is an often over looked area of video edting, and it affects the perception of your audience more than you know. JAnimation Studio can help improve your audio quality.

  • Noise Removal

  • Voice EQ (enhancing voices in the audio)

  • Mixing in music (adding in music without interfering with speech).

    • No, it is not just reducing the music volume.

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