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Video & Audio Editing and Voice Over for Marketers and Business Owners

Short Video Advertisements

Creating a professional short advertisement can require less asset then you may expect:

  • Article to Video - Create marketing videos from your current marketing brochures.

  • Short Advertisements - Create short advertismement videos from online open license resources.

  • Presentation Videos - Create marketing videos that explain your business.

Article to Video

Turn your marketing brochures and articles into a video, so you can easily convey your business concept over social medias.

  • License free video, audio and picture assets.

  • A human Voice Over for your video.

  • Affordable rates.

Video Edting

Need help piecing together a great video for an event?

We can help:

  • Create intros/outros for your video.

  • Background music.

  • Adjusting colours of your video for a more natural look.

  • Matching video clips from taken from different cameras.