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Video & Audio Editing and Voice Over for Marketers and Business Owners

Video Editing for Marketers, Singapore | Janimation Studio

About Us

We Are Dynamic and Professional

Above and beyond the JAnimation Studios’ creativity, is their attention to detail in every aspect of the marketing video or voice-overs, to simply allowing the product to flow without interruption, as the magic of the marketing unfolds. The JAnimation Studio's team is a seasoned team, pros all the way.

We maintain and direct our vision, teaching our crew the fine art of video editing for marketers and voiceovers.


Our Process

How We Do It?

The Beginning Still working to define your story? Have a seat at the proverbial fire and let’s talk. We’ll brainstorm together, throw ideas up at the wall and see what sticks. Then, we’ll create a script, storyboards, and a plan to bring the project to the screen.

The Middle Have a script and a green light? Great! Let’s get moving. Our seasoned production staff will shepherd the project through the remaining stages of pre-production then execute an organized shoot that maximizes creativity and production value.

The End Let’s bring it all together. Our in-house editorial, JAnimation, and finishing capabilities allow us to streamline post-production while remaining flexible and responsive throughout the review process. We offer these services a-la-carte or at a reduced rate as part of a production package.

Our Services

We Are Best Video Editors

Article To Video
Short Video Ads
Video Editing

Frequently Asked Questions

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Watch Our Clients Say?

I have placed several orders with Jani Studio. They are absolutely wonderful. Quick, efficient, creative, and super helpful. So glad I have found them. I have started referring other friends and clients to them as well. They get 5-star reviews for good reason. Well earned and deserved!


We Combine Experience and Technology

Sending You The Highest Quality Products Is Our Goal

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